Wednesday, July 25, 2012

How to Get Perfect Shapes on your Nails Update!

I made an update for the "How to get perfect shapes on your nails" Post (original). It's a much simpler design and has very easy to follow steps. 

I also created this little mini quick reference "cheat sheet" for the steps. 

These are the materials you will need. Hole Puncher(s) I found smaller heart one at the dollar store, Nail polishes and masking tape (painters tape works also and I find it easier to work with thin tape).

Paint your nails with the base color you chose. Let them dry completely! This is important because you avoid smudges. 

Punch out your shape with the hole puncher. It may be tricky because of the stickiness of the tape, just be gentle when tugging. Then attach the tape to your nail firmly, you want to prevent the polish from bleeding. 

Apply polish over your shape. Gently pull off the tape before it dries. Be fun and creative in this step, add dots, glitter, leopard print anything that comes to mind in this step. Its easy to do it because the masking tape is covering the nail and its almost impossible to mess up! I stayed simple for this tut. 

Apply your top coat and you're done! 

Here is a close up look of the heart with the glitter. 

Another close up.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Floral and Lace Jewelry Holder and Wall Art

I first saw this tutorial on Pinterest. I fell in love with it! I thought what a clever and cute way to display jewelry and use as wall art. Here is my version of the lace jewelry holder. I made a mini tutorial for it. 

Here is what you will need. One Embroidery Hoop (your choice of size they come super small and super big), Paint (color that tickles your fancy- I used Acrylic paint),  Fabric, Lace, trimming (I used a rhinestone trim) not pictured- a paint brush, fabric scissors and a hot glue gun.

Paint your Hoop. You only need to paint the outside hoop, but if you prefer (or are doing this without the background fabric, then paint both) 

Fit both the fabric and lace over the inside smaller hoop. Place the larger hoop over all the fabric, and tighten the screw on top. Pull the fabrics from the back, gently, so they are snug and firm. 

Then, I trimmed off all the excess fabric with my fabric scissors. (Make sure you use fabric scissors or really sharp ones so you have a clean edge) You can leave it just like this, if you want. It's super cute as is. But I love sparkle and wanted to add some rhinestone trim to it. 

I used a hot glue gun and went around the hoop slowly adhering the trim. 

Here is how it looks from the side. 

and Viola! A Cute Floral and Lace Jewelry Holder. 

Here is a close up shot- it is great to use as a background for jewelry shots too! 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Birthday Nail Art Wheel

Fun Birthday themes nail art wheel. I'm still practicing my Nail Art pen skills so there are a few squiggly lines, or dots to close to each other but overall I am thrilled with these designs!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Leopard Print with Gold French and Stripes

This is my favorite set of nails that I've done. Varying shades of pinks with gold and glitter. If you want to see more of my nail designs I usually post tons of them on Instagram. Find me under SellzCuteThings.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

FishTail Nails

I am absolutely in love with Fishtail nails. They are super easy to do and look like they took ages to create! I used this tutorial. 

Below is a Fishtail Nail wheel I made of a bunch of my favorite colors. I hope you like it!