Sunday, January 31, 2010

Get Heidi Klum's Butterfly Ring for Less!!!

Get the Heidi Samuel (formerly Heidi Klum) big butterfly ring from the 2010 Grammy's. Only a few colors left!!!

Get the look for less!! $15 Limited Quantities..... Sorry, No longer available.

Beautiful Rhinestone Butterfly. So big it takes up three fingers. Sure to turn heads anywhere you go!!! Email me

Saturday, January 30, 2010

"Love Me" Altered Compact Mirror

I used Mod Podge to create this mirror. It's one of my faves and took me a while to decide to sell it! I used a chunky silver glitter, some black letter beads, cameo cabochon, and a Rhinestone trim.

I have a few mirrors left that I can alter, colors and shapes vary. Email me to find out what I have left! Mirror shown $15 with $3 shipping.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Heart on my Nail - and size of Mirrors

Im showcasing the size of the mirror with these pics as well as my Hearts on my nail!

"Tres Chic" Black Glitter Altered Pocket Mirror

Mod Podge is the glue I used to adhere the Glitter on this Fab Pink Oval shapped Mirror. Its a Chunky Black Glitter.

Beaded Altered Pocket Mirror

This adorable Lime Green Mirror is sprinkled with Beads on the cover. It's sprinkled over Mod Podge (my new Best Friend) This is one of the mirrors I used Acrylic on to paint it green- but the acrylic quickly peels off- which is why I don't sell these. (unless someone really really wants it)

"Heeeello" Hello Kitty Mirror

I alter these mirrors. I Use Mod Podge to adhere the Paper I want as my background. Then I use Mod Podge to Adhere the Rhinestones. (You could also use your hot glue gun- but the Mod Podge gives you a few minutes repositioning time)

Yah! I have a Heart on my finger lol

I LOVE this....I am so thrilled I did it! I have to admit using the heart hole puncher on the masking tape is QUITE tricky- it took three tries to get it right- might be my cheap hole puncher tho. I also admit that I don't know how I will be able to do my right hand (obviously I am a righty) I might just have to take these items to my manicurist and ask her to do it there- shes a sweety and would totally do it! Hey it might give them a new idea and bring in more business! lol

P.S. this is a REALLY weird angle for my fingers (the index in particular) so dont judge my fingers lol


O.M.G. I LOVE Her!!!

Check out this AWESOME Tut on how to paint a heart on your nails....Im off to do this- Toodles!!!

Friday, January 01, 2010

Pink Rhinestone Light Switch

I told you I would make one! It came out FAB!!! I ended up having to take four rhinestones out from the top and bottom to make room for the screws. In order to keep it pretty I added some Glitter- If I had small Rhinestones I would have used those. I did not paint the inside piece (where there usually is an on and off switch- I have a motion detector in my living room b/c it gets pretty dark when I arrive alone at home- yeh Im a lil Scaredy Kat at times) So I left that piece without painting or anything because I did not want to remove it or ruin it- Maybe on day I'll get the courage to paint it silver or something. Speaking of Silver isn't my silver wall the cutest! When I finish the living room decor I'll take some neat pics of it and post them up. All done with Mod Podge, paper and sprinkles of creativity- and glitter-

Decoupaged Light Switch !!

I decoupaged 2 of my light switches today- and I havent stopped staring at how AMAZING they came out. I got the idea at (I Reeeeeally Love that Blog!!!) My first attempt wasn't perfection (but what art is?)...At first I was a little discouraged- until I looked across my desktop and saw my Rhinestones!!!! Diiing- IDEA!

(I borrowed a camera so my pics are better quality today.) This is my Rhinestone Blue Leopard Print Light Switch. I was SO excited about it and couldn't wait to share- I didn't even wait for it to dry! (You can see the wet glue in between the Rhinestones- in the middle.

See the air bubbles? Oh Well- Art Isn't perfect- and I still ADORE it- makes me feel like a true Diva to have this light switch in my bedroom. I wish I had two light switches in there to deck a whole one out in Rhinestones (might save that for my living room...hhmmm) I also used some Glitter Mod Podge on it- couldn't go without my Glitter!

This one is in my Art Room/Studio. I need to use up every space in my (tiny Brooklyn) apartment- which is why you see my shades on the wall here. Cute Storage idea though, right? Its a wire thingamajig from Ikea. It's in the frame aisle if you go looking for one. (Half the stash of my bags/purses are under the shades there- just pain ole storage bins until I can find something better)

My Art Room/Studio is also where I store my scarves (even tho this isn't even half of them!) I used a Hot Pink Houndstooth Scrap paper for this light switch. I smile every time I walk by it.