Monday, January 30, 2012

Animal Print Wall Art

I found this CUTE pack of animal print paper at Michaels. I took out one sheet of the ones that stood out to me most and decided to redo a canvas I messed up a couple of weeks ago. I cut each 12x12 paper into 3in by 3in squares. I used modpodge and a foam brush to adhere them to the canvas and to later seal them into place. I got a few air bubbles so I recommends using a popsicle stick or something to smooth down each each square. Below is a picture of all my little squares lined up.

Animal Print Scrapbook Paper Canvas
and Viola! The finished piece. Isn't it cute?

Animal Print Wall Art Decor

I finished this off with a coat of sparkle mod podge (as we know I add glitter to Ev.ERy.Thing!) I also used black acrylic paint for the edges. Do you like it?!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How to always get perfect shapes on your nails!

I created this mini tutorial to share how to create the perfect shapes on your nails. I saw this once before on another blog and wrote a blog post about it a while ago. This is perfect for anyone, even if you don't have the patience or skill of being an ambidextrous nail artist. 

These are the supplies you need. I already had a mani so I didn't have the creative flexibility to use the colors I wanted. (It was kinda spur of the moment to make this tut, but I'll redo it again probably tomorrow and will do it with the colors I want) You need nail polishes of your choice, a top coat (not pictured, I always use Seche Vite) Hole punches and masking tape, or painters tape. I like to use the thin one so its easier to use.

The above picture is the mani I had prior to this tut. 

Punch out the shapes and design on your masking tape. It may be tricky because of the stickiness but its not hard, just try not to let it stick to your hole puncher. I found my individual heart whole puncher at a dollar store. Its PERFECT because its a little heart that definitely fits on your nail. 

Attach the tape to your nail FIRMLY. You don't want the polish to bleed. 

Apply your polish. Be fun and creative in this step, add dots, glitter, leopard print anything that comes to mind in this step. Its easy to do it because the masking tape is covering the nail and its almost impossible to mess up! I stayed simple for this tut. 

GENTLY and SLOWLY peel off the masking tape. I wait about a minute or so after I have applied my polish. There is no rush and I can't stress it enough do it slowly and softly so it doesn't mess up. The great thing about this is that the masking tape is reusable. I used the same one above on my index finger to make a small white heart (picture below) 

Here is a pic of more hearts I made. The bigger hearts are just a bigger hole punch I have. See easy, fun and super duper cute. :-)