Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hot Cocoa Handmade (Well HandCreated) Gift

I made this cute lil Hot Cocoa gift for my little sisters friend's birthday. She turned 12 yrs old...her birthday lands in winter.....what better gift? I purchased this mug at AC Moore but you could substitute this mug for another cuter mug (I just didnt have time to go find one) If you have a Disney store aorund you they sell REALLY CUTE mugs there for only about $12...I think thats a great price for a gift! I put a celophane bag inside the mug, just to keep it from making a mess, I filled the bag with cocoa then topped it off with some marshmallows...Im sure you could add some cinnamon or if you give this to say a coworker or friend for Christmas add some peppermints, or even some shaved chocolate! I added some ribbon loosely around the top of the jar just for decorations and added a tag to it with the servings and recipie for how to enjoy!

I made the card using my cricut machine with the celebrations cartridge. I stamped a simple happy birthday in the middle of the inside of the card.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Countdown Calendar...

This is my Christmas countdown calendar I made. Of course it can be altered to make it an advent calendar. I used bristol paper to glue everything down on (no particular reason why, It just happens to be the hardest paper I had around) I then cut up some of my Christmas papers and used that for my back drop. I then used my Cricut machine to cut out the squares (for the pockets) numbers (for the countdown) and tags (for my notes). I attached the pockets with small Zots along the edges. (make sure it is really close to the outter edges so when the tags are inserted they do not stick to the glue).

Altered Composition Marble Notebook

Here are is a marble notebook I altered. I figure it's a cute gift for a writer, reader, co-worker, or close friend. I am making some more, so stay tuned to some more designs and styles in the next day or two. I the back of the front cover a blank blue page, if I were customizing this for someone I would have added a calendar, someone's name, or something. The back of the back cover I put for important contact info....I have a notebook I use at work that stores all of my important info and notes, I use a notebook in place of sticky notes.....In my notebook I find the back cover the best place for me to put all my important numbers, so that's why I put the last page on this book for contact numbers. I also attached a binder clip on the side of the notebook to serve two purposes, hold a pen and keep book together and hold all papers in the notebook. I added some of the paper I used on the marble notebook and "Zots" glued it to the clip ends making it a matching set!

Some Experience with some online ordering I've done

I've ordered acrylic stamps for 4 different online sources and had 50% satisfaction. My stamps arrived in good condition from Target, I ordered some "Made by Me" stamps designed by Rhonna Farrer (She is such an AMAZING designer I love all her stuff!!) and they arrived in perfect NEW condition, Meaning they were CLEAR and not Yellowish, I also ordered some acrylic clear stamps amongst other stuff from Two Peas in a Bucket and I got the stamps in PERFECT condition also. Now for the bad experiences...Scrapbooking Warehouse and Addicted to Scrapbooking both sent me Yellow tinted clear stamps I ordered....I paid full price for them, and expected a CLEAR stamp, not stamps that looked like I've had them laying out in the sunlight for years! I have to say though Addicted to Scrapbooking did package up my stuff nicely and even included some candy inside the shrink wrap around my items.....or was it Scrapbooking Warehouse? It was too long ago to remember clearly....I would not recommend ordering acrylic stamps from the last two I mentioned, but all my other items arrived wrinkle free and in new condition, which included some embellishments, transfer ons, and some 12" x 12" paper.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Organic Minnii and Mickii

No special tools just basic shapes and basic brushes that PhotoShop comes with. I LOVE Minnie and Mickey....

Some Random Stuff

I swear I am not conceited....I just LoVE myself....I use to have a nose ring....but that thing kept getting infected and giving me a nasty pimple on my nose for the world to see every few after like a month or two I took it off. I got it on such a whim anyways....I went out to lunch one day and walked by a tattoo shop and decided to go in and get it done...I had been thinking about it for a while and when the opportunity arose I jumped at it! Why not I only live once right???...And I looked darn cute for the time I had it.
Old Graffiti Drawing I did back in High School.

Vintage-ii Pic

I used some vintage photoshop brushes and played around with the effects tools and got this look....I love this pic I put alot of thought into the color and such and am very satisfied with the result.

My Chi Chi

I LoooooooVE my dog!!!!! I'll post up some more pics of him soon enough! For now this is my first page for one of my scrapbooks...actually my current one. Shouts to Two Peas In a Bucket's Free July Digi Kit by Anne Langpap with a lil' photoshop know how I altered the paper included in this kit and created my pink paw print border!!!

Another Photshop Trick

I am on Vacation for 2 that is why I am posting so many today....I will do so as often as I can for the next two weeks, b/c when I go back to work I wont have time for anything else!

Here is a good site that shows you how to get an image displayed into text...I am a visual person, so when I share tutorials and such I will usually share things that have big-clear pictures.

All 'bout ME!!!

All 'bout me page...This page belongs to a scrapbook I made about myself...displaying the different stages I've been in my life so far. I used Photoshop to create the word SELI....first I did a collage with pictures of myself..then I did some tricks and made them show thru the letters S E L and I....Here's how to do it....

Turning 21 Scrapbook Page

On the day I turned 21 I started a new scrapbook...Here is the front page of that Scrapbook.

I photoshoped the 2 and 1...the "bitchez" and "Im" are transfer on's (The Im is a glitter transfer on) and the rest I wrote with Marker.

I used some photoshop brushes I found thru google...just google "photoshop brushes" and you alot of different sites. I usually end up going to brushezzy....there are many more websites to check out