Thursday, December 31, 2009

Pink Shimmer Head Band Bow

I cant wait to wear this out! It's the perfect piece to compliment a cute New Years Eve Night Out!!!!

Hello Kitty Decoupaged!!!!

My camera was the unfortunate victim of a final lesson I needed to learn! So please excuse the quality of these pics- Im making lemonade out of oranges. :-)

I did my first Decoupage project today. I used Mod Podge. (I must admit I have fallen in LOVE with it- Im hunting around my house for what I could decoupage next!) I woke up on the Glitter side of the bed- and did this eeeearly in the morning. It is a very messy project. My nails still have glue on them (4 hours later) The finished product has some wrinkles in it- which I haven't quite figured out if they are mistakes or not- what I have decided is that I LOVE it the way it is.

This is the Hello Kitty Bank originally. My mom bought it for me at a flea market (she knew I had one already at home and thought it would make a great addition to my collection) I liked it when I first got it- but I wasn't thrilled with the colors and the paint job was quite poor on it.

This is the finished product!!

You cant tell from the picture- I know sorry!!!- but I used Glitter Mod Podge to give it that last umph! it needed. Isn't the cutest thing???

I took a pic of the other Hello Kitty Bank I had- just to share! I loooove how she winks! lol

Oh My Word- there is a tut for it!!!

Hurry! Click here

O. M. G.

I must have died and gone to heaven when I saw these- and they altered with Mod Podge!?!? I have a pair of shoes my dogs tore up- that I havent been able to part with- and thank God I haven't! I have the PERFECT fabric for them. I wish there were a tutorial somewhere on how to do this- I am just going to dive in and go for it!!! I found this here (Via)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!! Hope you have an amazing time with Family and/or Friends. I am looking forward to spending it with my Family...and enjoying the most delicious Pernil I have ever cooked!!! Love, Sellz

Me and Peanut. My Santii Claus this year.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Resin Tips anyone?

Ok so I've been playing around with Resin for the past few days and have definitely picked up a few pointers from my mistakes and stuff. I also have read alot about it in forums and have picked up great tips there. Im trying to generate some traffic into my blog and I think by sharing some Resin Tips, Ill reach my goal.

SO here are a few pointers-

Want to get glitter into your resin piece? Here's what you do. When you are mixing your resin (I use envirotex-lite, I read it has the least odor- and pretty popular with fellow resin users- its the only one I have used thus far so I cant compare it to other resin's) when you are mixing your chemicals together pour in the glitter you want to use. I suggest using a color that is visible and vibrant in the jar- Angel Dust did NOT work well for me. It didnt show up and showcased the air bubbles. If it is a color that shows up nice and bright in the jar-in my opinion- then it will show up nice and bright in your resin.

My favorite tip for Resin use, is on how to get the air bubbles out. The popular methods are to either blow over the resin piece with- usually- a straw, or to use a toothpick or tweezer to pop the lil' hard suckers. While these methods do work, I have found that using a heat gun works much better. I use my embossing gun- that I purchased for about $20 at Michaels. I move the gun over the resin piece- I make mirrors so I move it in a swiping motion over the resin I poured. All the bubbles pop immediately after swiping over it- its actually a pretty cool affect. There is some science behind why this happens something about the carbon dioxide- but lord help me if I understand all that lol.

So those are my two tips for now- lets see what kind of traffic this post brings. I'll write some more tips as I keep using the resin.