Sunday, March 29, 2009

Handmade Dividers to go with Binder...

Ok So Im prepping my Binder for school and I cant find any dividers I like....Sooooooo I made these in like 1 minute! I used some bright colored card stock....and took a some tags I had, cut them in half and used those as my divider name thingys (lol whatever they are called) Next time I make them I will use better handwriting and will wait 'till the sharpie dries so it wont smudge!

Sorry about the glare....couldnt seem to get a pic without the glare.

Altered Binder

I started school again yesterday. I was accepted into a scholarship program that provides me with 12 free college credits, Yah Me!!! I need to take an intensive writing/critical thinking course every Saturday for the next 9 weeks, and we need to carry a binder to I dug up one of my old binders and decided to alter it.
This is the original you can see its my FAV color...PINK!
This is the completed product. I am VERY happy with it, I used a Heidi Swapp Houndstooth Paper and adhered it to the front with Glue Dots.....
I added some ribbon and cut out my name with my "Cricket", I adhered it all with Glue dots...
This is the inside.
I attached flowers to the ends of my ribbon on the inside cover so I could cover up the ugly ends of the ribbon. I then added a pearl to the middle of the flower, just for an added touch.

Another iCase

I drew this one freehand with some fabric paint.


I made this BookMark with the help from my CriCut machine. (Which by the drives me NUTS that it is pronounced CRICKET instead of Cree-Cut....I always call it Cree-Cut!!!)

just another close up...I used rhinestones to "purtii" up the flowers.

Found these AWESOME pics....

I just like the colors in this pic.....

Im SO not a donut person, but these look DELISH!!!!

They are all from the same site....sry Firefox "unexpectedly quit" on me and I couldn't find the url....

Saturday, March 28, 2009

..::Blog Treasure::..

I found this AMAZING Tutorial I adore the colors and think the lil' purses are SUPER CUTE! I so want one and cant wait to try my own spin on them! I LOVE that it is hand-stitched even more, bc I can not figure out my sewing machine!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Me and the Sis Again....

Double Page layout These are actualy Photo Booth Pics me and my sis took

Rub Ons decorate the edges of my Digi Pic.

I tried to make our pics look like lil' movie clips

I used Fabric paint to make the black n white dots

More Me...

Ok, I don't have kids, am not married or even in a steady relationship right now, and hardly ever see my friends....hence the O so many pictures of myself....

All things me....I like to express myself in my layouts, they are like journals for me.

I used some Heart shaped Rhinestones

More Me after I dyed my hair blonde....

Embellishment I made

Verrazano Narrows Bridge

Double Page Layout of an afternoon I spent at the Verrazano Narrows Bridge....

I drew the bridge/walkway for my background pic

Money should grow on trees, so we could ALL just pull them off, maybe that way people would care about the earth more?

I added an eyelet and strung some twill through it, to make it look like that was holding the pic in place. I got creative and played around with the placement of the eyelets.

I used 2 Brads on the last one.

Work Layout....

Just a double layout I made for my job, that I LOVE so dearly. We were invited to an event where Oprah was being honored by Elie Wiesel with a Humanitarian Award. I wanted to document it, I don't usually dress up so it was an important event! I expressed my self through my writing all around the layout..


Layout head on....I used bright colors to go with my hoodie in the picture. (which come to think of it...I wonder where that hoodie went! I have to look for it) I used a cotton ball dipped in paint to put the "spots" on layout.

I used colorful beads to spell out "Sexi" I painted the tops of them in an attempt spice it up! lol

I added glitter to some hard felt I had, which i then used to border the photos.


MY FAVORITE LAYOUT! I LOVE Black and White Photography, and adore all these pics I took (of myself) I love the green ribbon with the blue and pink boxes inside, and I love how the faux flower brings the whole page together!!!

Close up!

Bronx Zoo Layout

Ok I feel guilty everytime I go to the zoo, because these animals belong in their natural environments, BUT I LOVE seeing them, so every couple of years I go. I took WAY more pics but didnt get a chance to scrap them all.

I made the monkey peek out of the "O"...I took all the pics, it's like the money liked the camera and was waiting for me to snap the pics.

I put the date of the trip onside the "O" I think I ran out of "O's" so I used the inside of one, which woked in my favor b/c I had a place to put the date!

Funny Face!

Ok SO I am known for my lack of having a poker face...I am very expressive with my facial expression...and one day when I clicked the camera this is the face I made! lol I cut the pic in half to show how very silly I am....

I made a mistake when I wrote the surprise...I left the "R" out, so i put my creative cap on and decided I would dangle the "R" from a tiny tag....mistake gone o so right!

Just Me.....

Just me....I used different "mediums" so to say to write out the Lost in a Sea of thoughts...

Me and the Sis

Me and my lil' sis are REALLY close, we took this when we landed in DR. I already had a tan, could you imagine when I got back to NY?

Cute lil heart embellishments I made with some paper hearts, buttons, and a sticker.

More hearts....

LOVE this pink button at the top of the tag.

Sing Sista Sing

My and my sister being FOOLIO's and singing.

I used brads at the end of the ribbons.

Winter Scrapbook Layout

Winter Double Layout. Me and my sisters went out to play in the snow and clean.

I made this embellishment/Tag of my sisters. I cut out their shapes, and added glitter to the background and added a nice white ribbon to the top. The ribbon actually looks really nice!

Snow Angel

Snow Warrior

Another Cute Tag I made