Sunday, January 27, 2013

Buddha makes an appearance

I made a few Ombre bracelets and was really happy with the outcome.

(above) Ombre without the Buddha bead.

(above) Ombre around the wrist.

(above) Ivory Pearls with small gold seed beads.

(above) White Pearls in Varying sizes with gold seed beads.

(above) Aqua and Gold and Aqua with iridescent white pearl seed beads. 

When I saw these in the bead shop I fell in love with the color. I had never seen another bead with this color. I have not been able to find a matching seed beads to add between each bead so, these beads just adorn my wrist as is. 

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Pearls, Gold Beads and Stretch Cord

I made some jewelry in the last 24hours and wanted to share. I either can't find my cement glue or have run out of it, which prevented me from securing my knots. So, there are strings all over these pieces since I couldn't finish them completely. But the jewelry still looks really cute.

I love these earrings. I think they are my favorite. I used this tutorial to make them. 

This is a slight variation I made to the earrings. All I did was change the bead that ends up in the middle. 

Black bead stretch bracelets. There are three variations, one with silver, another with taupe beads and the third with white beads.

More stretch bracelets. These have taupe, silver, white, and a blue/black combination.

Taupe and Gold pearl bracelets. So gorgeous! I'll wear these together and individually.

And a lovely little necklace and bracelet set. The bracelet is stretch and the necklace was my first try at free-handing a wire piece. 

Hope you like and can find inspiration for your DIY Jewelry project(s)!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Tutorial for No Sew Phone Case or Wallet

This tutorial is for the case pictured above. It's my first "graphic" tutorial and I hope it makes sense. I'll be creating another tutorial using the actual materials for a different style in the next few weeks. Any questions, let me know! (feel free to share pictures with me of your own cases if you decide to try this)

I suggest you read through the instructions before starting, to fully understand where things get glued, and how to measure. 

 For the step pictured above. Choose your own ribbon, or create a short rectangle from fabric.

(for the step above) the green (or Lime colored, depending on your computer) lines show where the glue should be.

In case you can't read the small text on the bottom. *Please note phone is sticking out slightly in this graphic. It is suppose to fit all the way inside the pouch without sticking out.* 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

DIY Leopard Print Stud Earring Holder

Ok, So I was in need of an easy way to see and access my stud earrings. I looked online for ideas and looked around my house to see what I had on hand. I have a few wooden frame mirrors and tons and tons of paper. I merged the two and came up with this super cute stud earring holder. You can probably use this for any kind of earring, but dangle earrings tend to be heavier and might eventually rip the paper, if interested in doing so you may want to back the paper with something strong, like vinyl? or thin cork?

I used cardstock, its heavier and it shouldn't rip.
A close up of the studs. I though I had more, but my earrings seem to have disappeared.

Here is the back. I used mod podge to seal it in place. I was tempted to use a staple gun to secure the paper too, but lets see how the mod podge holds up. I pre-pierced the holes for the earrings with a paper piercer. (If you do so with the earring itself the paper tends to get creases.)