Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Galaxy Inspired Bracelets

Are you into the whole Galaxy trend lately. I found these beads a while ago and knew I wanted to pair them with gold beads, so when I FINALLY found them this past weekend, magic happened. These are really simple to make...
All you need are some of your favorite beads...if you can find some galaxy looking ones all the better! 
String them all on to a stretch cord. I prefer a 1mm sized cord. Then knot the ends together, there is actually a special double knot you should do, that gets tighter the more you pull of it, but, I usually just use cement glue before I double knot it. I have never had an issue thus far. 

Here is another variation! 


  1. so nice


  2. I appreciate it, you have done a great job. This bracelet looks cute in the picture and the color combination is superb.