Tuesday, September 21, 2010

ME Mini Scrapbook

I made this a few months ago. I found this AWESOME pink houndstooth/herringbone (like) print gift card holder at Michaels for like $1 or $2. I purchased it knowing I wanted to make something with it. Then after seeing mini scrapbooks at a local craft fair I knew what I wanted to do!

I used one (black and white) 9 x 12 patterned paper and one hot pink 9 x 12 sheet. I cut them both in half (long way) and then folded the accordion style. (about three or four times- enough to fit into the tin) I used a glue stick to adhere both papers together. This is a tricky part when making this album, getting them lined up together and then creasing the papers again so it lies semi flat.

After it dried, I added pictures and journaling to the mini scrapbook. I cut the corners of the scrapbook so it could fit better into the tin.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Faux Pearl Bracelets and Necklace

I've been meaning to make some pearl pieces for a while now (like a whole year- I have lots of different colored pearls) so this weekend I finally got the creative juice to make these! Hope you like 'em. I LOVE them. This is my new favorite necklace. Its Hot Pink faux pearls with a silver bead in between, all held together with a pink chain and lobster clasp in the back.

These are the bracelets. (Only the pink one is part of a matching set- the necklace above)

Vintage Gold Flower Bracelet and Necklace.

I made some jewelry this weekend. I woke up really inspired and since its been so long since I made new pieces I took advantage. This set is part of the Vintage Collection.

This is a GAW-geous Vintage Pearl Gold Flower Necklace. It is long and you put it on by slipping it on over your head. I did not put a clasp on this one (mainly because I didn't have a gold clasp) But it also falls perfectly over the chest area, which is the style for necklaces now.

This is a Vintage (Faux) Pearl Flower Bracelet. Its made with Stretch cord so it fits anyone!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Earrings for my aunt

This is Silvernati (Silver Naughty)- Sequinati's sister I havent finished her completely yet, notice the empty spot on her (bottom right)I used mod podge and chunky silver glitter to make her.

Personalized Compact Heart Mirror

I made this for my close friend's birthday. Using Mod Podge, letter beads, a heart earring and aluminum flowers. To make sure this mirror stays extra strong I used E6000 glue under the pink heart (what was originally an earring)

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Craft Mama DS Game....

Ok I wouldn't be a good craft blog if I didnt blog about this Craft DS Game.

I dont own a DS and just now heard about this game, so I dont have a review about it. But here is a link for a review. Maybe the Nintendo Folks want to donate a DS to Sellz Cute Things along with this game, I have plenty of time nowadays and could give it a review!....You hear me Nintendo?

YAY! One of SCT FAV Designers is on Project Runway Season 8!

About time I blogged about this! I was soooooo excited when I realized that YELLOW CAKE Designer, Valerie was on the show!! Oh- Em- Gee!! Remember I blogged about her for my FIRST post ever back in '08. I so know she is going to make it to the top three- bc her blog was at a stand still for a long time- AND she is such a fab designer of COURSE she is going to make it to the top three! (My fav Valerie-ism so far- when she told us about Casanova's Major Major Majooor Diva moment lol!!! Oh and girl dont forget to put your panties back on!) You know who else I am excited about making it to the top three? Mondo!!! I LOVE his designs (on the show and prior too) and absolutely love his personality. Well the PR Fashion show was today- Im gonna go find out whether or not the finalist from this season showed today......


I LOVE this collection- who is that back there (in the first pic)??? Got these pics here and here

8:49pm UPDATE: This is Mondo's collection bravo- I LOOOOVE IT ALL!

Found here

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Cute Envelope Purse (or Clutch)

Look what I made! I've been working on my crochet skills all summer long (after being taught by my campers this summer) I'm so in love with it. I used a bright yellow button to contrast the beautiful teal color. I used a "special stitch" which is "sc, dc" throughout the whole row (or bottom portion of the clutch/purse.) Then its "sc" for the top flap only and its decreased to make the triangular shape. Sorry for all the sc/dc lingo folks- but my fellow crocheters will understand it.