Friday, October 30, 2009

RhineSTONED Clock (It's Altered!)

I fell in love with this clock when I saw it on the store that time it didnt have the RhineSTONES. I've never used it and decided it was time to do something with it, so I am selling it! I glitzed it up with some Maroon RhineSTONES. At first I almost kept it for myself...but I think its begging for a new home. :-)

RhineSTONED Initial

This was a lovely unfinished wood Initial "G" I painted the edges a Fucshia and the top white. I then adhered Rhinestones all over the front to make it Fabulous! I havent decided on where to hang it- but when I do I'll definitely let you know!

Monday, October 26, 2009

"Amazon Blue" Head Piece

This is an amazing blue (which reminds me of the amazon- hence the name) feather piece attached to a black head band. I also attached a small sequin piece to the bottom of the feathers to gliz it up.

Western Curly Pink Head Piece

These are SO in style right now! Its a pink curly feather piece attached to a black thin headband. A pink beaded (altered) button ties the whole look together

"Flirtation" Head Piece

I call this my Flirtation Head Piece. I put the feather on this one by one- The beads are an awesome button I altered and attached to the headband.

Sea Pocket Mirror

As I was sorting my Rhinestones these colors ended up next to eachother and inspired me to create this design. Dark blue Sea Fade to Dark Green

Red Altered Pocket Mirror

Different sized Red Rhinestones cover the front of this Pocket Mirror. Its Spray painted with Metallic Gold and Sprayed with Varnish to protect the paint (as much as possible)

Pink N Teal Altered Mirror

I made this one for me. When I first started making these mirrors I was going to paint them abunch of different colors with Acrylic paint- but boy o boy was that not working out! lol (Im sure I needed some type of primer- and couldnt find my sanding paper to rough up the surface and hope the paint adhered better to it) I love pink so much and dont have the funds right now to buy pink spray paint- I just kept two with Acrylic paint and am bracing myself for it to scratch off (slightly) BTW I used "Varnish" spray after I paint these to keep the paint as much in tack as possible. (Michaels folks recommended it to me)

I cant wait to pull this out and use it! I wanted to use different shades of pink and added the aqua rhinestones for a cute effect. I think it just brings the whole design together. :-)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Simply Altered Flower Glitter BOMB Rings

Altered White Rings- I call them my Flower Glitter BOMB Rings dont they look like little glitter bombs went off!

^ This is what I started with- a closed up plain bud)

^Here it is with a gem inside- I simply used a hot glue gun to adhere the Rhinestone in the middle. I can use any color- As you know I LOVE pink- so the first one is pink (period)

^I think it looks best like this a little pucked up. I can not WAIT to show these off on my fingers! I have more colors- I'll take pics as soon as I can!

Altered Pocket Mirrors

I wish I would have taken a pic of these mirrors before- but I wasnt aware they would turn out so FABULOUS!!! I used "Metallic Gold" Spray Paint. (I also used Pink Acrylic Paint- but it didnt stick to the mirrors as well as the spray paint did) I covered them with "Glitter" Spray Paint as well. I adhered the rhinestones in different colors and designs with my hot glue gun. I have like 6 or 8 more to make- so STAY TUNED!

Fall in Central Park

We stopped by Central Park before heading back home after our Michaels Adventure. Here are some neat shots of Fall in Central Park. <3

Michaels in Manhattan Official Grand Opening....

We arrived RIGHT when the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony was taking place, so we did not get a good spot to stand in and get the best pics- but we were close enough. What do I have to think about this Michaels? Well....Its smaller than the Michaels I am use to shopping in, but I have come to terms with the fact that EVERYTHING is smaller in NYC (small apartments, for example) I can only really compare it to the Michaels in Glendale Queens, its that small but for some reason a MUCH nicer shopping experience. They seem more stocked- and customer friendlier (store displays/aisles) The folks working there were super friendly as well- which may have had alot to do with the fact that executives were almost in every aisle of the store! lol

Im so happy Michaels FINALLY opened in NYC (Manhattan) Now lets get one in BROOKLYN!!!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Oh Em Gee

How in the world did I miss this????? Everytime I either drive out to Long Island or need to buy something from Michaels (and can't bc I have no way to get out there) I fret and complain (to myself- and anyone near me) wondering why Michaels did not have a store in the city!!!! Checking my email today I was dumbfounded! Michaels is opening up its Manhattan location tomorrow morning!!!! And to top it off it's RIGHT by my job....I can now stop in as often as I please!!! (which may or may not be a good thing for my wallet!) Im so EXCITED and am still shocked- How did this slip past me? I am going to try and make it out there for the ribbon cutting ceremony- camera in tow...stay tuned!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

im on the move- but fyi the shoe thing did not work on my nonleather shoes :-(

Monday, October 12, 2009

"Wear" shoes without wearing them....

I saw this Tutorial by Michelle Phan "RiceBunny" (loooove her!!!)

Soooo I have plenty of shoes that I dont wear bc they dont quite fit correctly....I've place them in my Freezer- I will follow up and let you know how it goes tomorrow. (neither of them are leather so lets see if it still works- the tutorial said it would work best on leather but didnt mention other materials)

Buh Bye To my Lacoste Sneakz

I've had them for like 6 years....since high school. I wore them everywhere, all day everyday! About a year ago I had to stop wearing them because they had visible holes all over the sides and a big hole on the bottom. I kept them in my closet, unable to part from them. Until today- I finally threw out my ALL time favorite pair of sneaks...