Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Worlds Smallest Escalator....?

Sometimes I just think we as Americans can get a wee bit too lazy and comfortable with things...take this MINI MICROSCOPIC escalator! Cmon I would feel SO guilty getting on this thing....I would feel even MORE guilty getting on this thing and RIDDING it down!!! LOL!!!....

But hey to each their own!

I have NO idea where this is located but I saw it here

FedEx Logo Arrow....

I love finding out about interesting design things and here is one that stood out to me as pretty cool.....Ever notice this arrow on the FedEx logo.

Had to make it pink to match my blog! ^-^ <-- Cute Smiling face lol

Monday, February 23, 2009

LoooooooVE these heart shaped paper clips!

I cant wait! to use these on one of my scrapbook pages or craft project! I will try to find some nice colored paper clips, but if I cant I think I will just spray paint the regular ole silver ones.

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tinkerbell Mini Altered Notebook

Stay tuned! Im gonna make more....

Precious Altered Mini Notebook

Precious Altered Mini Notebook with heart patterned paper and a ribbon for embellishment. The stamp I used is from Heidi Swapp (LOVE her stuff!) I heat embossed the "Precious" with sterling silver embossing powder.

I am not too satisfied with this one...Next time I make it I will stamp the precious to white cardstock and use 3-D squares to adhere it to the front cover to give it that Xtra OOMPH!

Pink Altered Mini Notebook

Pink Altered Mini Notebook....

Sometimes Simple is best!

Funky Damask Altered Mini Notebook

The paper is SO hot! I dont feel it needs any embellishments!!

Green with blue polka dots altered mini notebook

I LOVE this one....its a cute green with blue polka dot paper and the cutest blue/green ribbon adds a touch to the side of the notebook! So cute I dont even wanna write in it! lol

Hot Pink Altered Mini Notebook

Another Mini Altered Notebook....I made a "G" initial on the front cover, its heat embossed with glitter.

Altered Baby Mini Notebook

I found these ADORABLE mini notebooks at Target's $1 spot 3! for $1!....I bought up quite a few so I could alter them and pretty them up...the only downside is that they are printed on the inside with one of three designs, which one of them isnt too cute, but I make it work!!!

This is a cute lil "Baby Memii (memory) Book"....Im not 100% satisfied with it so I dont think I am done with it yet....

Friday, February 20, 2009

Anyone in NYC Scrapbook?!?!

I cant find a good scrapbooking store in NYC!!!!....I know there is a Michael's and an A.C. Moore in Queens NY but I live in Brooklyn and traveling out to that part in queens is a bit way too much of a commute for me, although I havent tried the Michael's in Woodside....I need to set a Sat aside to check out the commute and store and see if I'll make it my second home :-) But c'mon are there even any scrapbookers out there in NYC? I know folks are big on Scrapbooking in other states but geesh! there has got to be a group or something in the city! Heeelllloooo....can anybody hear me??? lol.....hit me up if you are from the city and scrapbook! I want to know where you buy your supplies AT A DECENT PRICE! not the lee's art shop prices!....hhmmmmm maybe I should open up the scrapbooking store of my dreams?.....

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Simple Spiral Notebook Altered

I made this notebook for my sister...On2LJ is a personal salsa term for her. I used some nice patterned Cardstock and used my CriCut machine for the letters. I used Zots to adhere the paper. The only problem I had with this is the outter edges near the spirals...I couldnt get the paper to cover the original notebook. anyone have any ideas? I thought about using ribbon? But you'd still see it.

Anyways on the inside cover I stamped a section for her to put her name, and on the inside back cover I made it a "doddle page" for her.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Brooklyn Bridge Old Photo....

I wonder what it would've been like to live during these times...

Some Photo's I found online...

I LOVE Black and White Photography....make them underwater and Im set for life! Check these out!

The ones below are some I found on another site:

Super Creative Video

Could you imagine how many hours this must have took!

Wooven Glass....

Amazing just amazing!

"American artists Eric Markow and Thom Norris met in 1994. The two started collaborating on organically inspired stained glass window commissions for the next decade. Over the years as glass flame work and glass fusing became more popular, Markow & Norris began several years of experimentation to develop handwoven glass."