Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thomas the Tank Double Layout Blue

Thomas the Tank Double Layout Red

More Thomas the Tank Double Layout

Off to the Zoo!!!

Simple Zoo Double Layout

Thomas the Tank Scrapbook Cover

This Thomas the Tank Scrapbook cover layout is for a lil' boy named Justice. I used my Cricut to cut out the letter for his name and used glitter fabric glue to outline the letters. I also used some sticker embellishments around the cover to add dimension and various focal points.

Sweet Birthday Double Layout

Birthday Double Layout. This layout fits five 4 [by] 6 photos and has a square for journaling. Its a cute layout for primarily a boy but could also be used for girls.

^The balloons are stickers and I added dimension with some Ribbon^

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Dude! Ellen is a Judge on American Idol

PLEASE EXCUSE THE REALLY LONG GAP! I Have no idea why its here :-/

Now Im excited for her- b/c its a super popular show (I dont watch this show- I actually hate it!) But she seems really excited about getting the gig. But am I the only one a bit bothered that she as a member of the LGBTQ community accepted to be on a show for Fox? They seem to really be turning things around over there (trying to tidy things up in the big house)....hhmmm off to read other peoples Blogs for opinions and such I go.....

"Red XMas" Double Layout

This is a Double Scrapbook Layout for Christmas. It holds six 4 [by] 6 photos.

^ This is a stamp (which I bought on clearance for $1 @ A.C. Moore a while ago) I stamped a white piece of paper with Red Ink and then cut out a square around the design.^

^Same here as with the Stamp above. I got creative I used two colors on middle pic^

I Love My Teacher Layout

This is a cute school scrapbook layout. It is perfect to capture your young ones first day of school- or first couple of years of school. It holds five 4 [by] 6 photos.

^ I have no idea why- but the comp only uploaded this the wrong way ^

"Spooky Eyes" Halloween Double Layout

This is a Halloween Double Layout that fits four 4 [by] 6 photos. It can be used for either gender. (these papers are from Targets $1 spot)

^I used my Cricut machine to make these embellishments^

"Dino Roar" Scrapbook Cover Layout

This is the cover for one of the scrapbooks. I'll admit it looks unfinished- but that kinda happened accidentally. I did not originally plan on having Dinosaurs on the layout, if you look there are four photo corners (the same print as the letters) Those were put there so the Fam could add in their own picture(s).....I had the leftover Dinosaurs and added one- then the other- and another and before you knew it....This is what I had. I dont think it looks bad, just looks like an unfinished circle.

^Close up of one of the Dinosaurs^

"Dino Raur" Double Boy Layout

I call this my Dino Roar Double Layout.

(Side Note) I found it a bit difficult to design layouts for boys...All my papers and embellishments tend to have some type of pink in them. I had to do alot of self editing to make sure the layouts dont come out feminine. (Which by the way all these layout I am posting now belong to a two scrapbooks I am making for a friend for his lil' boys)

So the lil' boy this layout is for is into Dinosaurs. So I bought a bunch of Dinosaur stickers to use as embellishments. I could not find patterned paper with Dinosaurs on them, so I had to get a lil' more creative with this one. The green section on the bottom is the grass, I used an elementary school technique to cut the grass, giving it dimension. This layout fits four 4 [by] 6 photos.

Boy Airplane and Stars Double Layout

This is a layout made for a little boy. It is a layout that includes airplanes on the patterned paper and some cute star filled stars embellishing the photos. It fits four 4 [by] 6 photos. I simply cut the patterned paper on a diagonal (It was a bit easy bc I followed one of the lines on the paper) and adhered them to opposite corners. I used my CriCut to make the stars. Isn't the one with the stars super cute!?

Birthday Party Layout with Five Pictures

This is a Birthday Layout. It was designed for a boy, but could be used for a girl as well. (These are papers from Targets $1 spot too!!!- I Loooove that section!) This layout fits five photos that are 4 [by] 6.

"Graphic Design" Inspired Page Layout

This is my "Graphics" Design. It holds six 2 [by] 3 photos. I chose to use a bold printed cardstock as my background. You could make an amazing impact by using one solid color as well. (I might try that for another layout) This layout could be used for either a boy or girl.

^ Double Page Layout^

^Right Side of Layout^

^Left Side of Layout^

^ Alphabet Print^

(By the way- I bought this cute paper at Target's $1 Spot. It came with 7 other sheets that matched it!)