Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I created Ms. Thing with hopes of being accepted into BUST's Spring Fling in May. I want to use this as a display on my table. She is going to make a great visual on Etsy though too- for selling my head pieces. I used my hot glue gun to adhere the Sequin trim to her. (which by the way I burned myself SO bad on my middle finger bc I accidentally stuck it into the just poured BOILING HOT glue- it gave me a blister!...Then the next day I closed a drawer on that finger and it completely popped the blister!...you could imagine how much pain both experiences were lol)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fiesta Mirror with Red Heart!

This is my Fiesta Mirror. This glitter reminds me of the lil bits and pieces that come out of a Pinata when you break it. I used Mod Podge to adhere the heart rhinestone (its SUPER strong- works better than hot glue in my opinion)

Vintage Flower Mod Podge Paper Compact Mirror

This is a simple version of the mirrors I like to create. I used a piece of (Fabulous) Vintage paper, cut out the shape of the mirror and adhered it with Mod Podge. I used Shimmer Mod Podge for the top- I new the gold tone would make this look even more vintagy. If Resin werent so tricky and fumey (< I know not even a word) I would coat the top with Resin to give it a glossy hard finish.

White Glitter Mirror

I dont think you can tell by this picture, but this is an example of why chunky or coarse (really just textured) Glitter works best for these mirrors. (It might have to do with the fact that I use a brush to apply the Mod Podge- I guess a foam brush would make it more even) When I cover the top of the mirror with Mod Podge, I get some places where the glue is thicker, causing ridges. When you sprinkle fine glitter, or fairy/glitter dust it shows ALL the imperfections. I have even tried coating and sprinkling it a few times but it still gives away all of its flaws.

Pink Heart Mirror

Pink Soft Glitter Heart Mirror.....just showcasing the mirrors I have made to inspire creativity for you. :-)

Blue Glitter Mirror

I used Mod Podge, Glitter, and a dash of creativity to make this mirror. I cover the top with Mod Podge and then sprinkle glitter all over the top of it.

^^^Soft Glittter

^^^ Chunky Glitter

Sunday, March 07, 2010

:: Pea-Nut ::

I noticed I've never showcased my dogs on my blog! So here is my first "Show Off" Blog....Meet Pea-Nut. My rescue chihuahua. I got him from my sister. She had a friend who owned him, but didnt take very good care of him, he would spend the majority of the day (if not all of it) in his crate. This dog taught me the power of forgiveness and love. When I first got him he was a bundle of anger....but with a little bit of patience, love, training and tons of treats he has turned into the most loveable dog!!!

Sequin Roses...

Ok so I own like 12 of these Roses, various colors and dont know what to do with them. I made a headband with one, but people didnt seem too interested in it. Waiting for that Creative Spark to hit the right thought.....

Big Zipper Flower Headband....

I only have a few of these left- arent they FAB? I found them at a fabric trimming store and HAD to make headbands out of them. -This one has already been sold-

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

I got MINX

So I have been wanting to do Minx on my nails for a REALLY LONG TIME! But there arent many places in NYC that do them- Bliss does them- but the $50 price tag prevented me from committing. So I stumbled on a Spa in the Village that does Minx for $40 and they had a sale, $70 for both mani and pedi. I think its worth it- if you find a design you LOVE they are suppose to stay on my hands for 10 days and my feet for 1 month- lets see!! The only thing they kept repeating was NO OIL or LOTION on your hands- or it will come off- the lotion part is going to be hard- but lets see how it goes.

Here is my scoop on the whole procedure.

Better look at my Hello Kitty Decoupage Project!

A few blogs ago, I showed you my first Decoupaged project. Well I FINALLY bought a new camera and here is a better showcasing of my Hello Kitty. I used Mod Podge- the Matte (yellow bottle) to adhere the strips and when it dried I used Sparkle Mod Podge (Pink Bottle) to Glitz it up!

Feather Head Pieces..

Here is a glimpse at some Feather Head Pieces I made recently. I have ALOT more to make so stay tuned over the next few weeks for more!

Here is a small story of where I found all these feather pieces. During the last part of the snow storm last weekend I was in Manhattan shopping for materials and items for Sellz Cute Things. I spotted an old, semi run down, hole in the wall fabric store with these feather pieces in the window. I had passed this block and store MANY times but never noticed it. So I went in to see what they had available and this little old jewish man, who looked like he was in his 70's opened the door. He was sooooo cute! Inside the shop it was fairly dim, and there was animal fabric EVERYWHERE. I mean you could hardly get through the store because there was so much fabric. There was suede, animal print, cow skin ugh EVERYTHING you could imagine it was in there. The man was super friendly and showed me two boxes of feather pieces, which he let me look through and pull out the ones I wanted......you'll have to keep checking my blog to see which ones I chose.

:: FYI I describe each piece right under each pic::

This one is a Rich purple colored feather piece with a purple zipper, shaped like a circular flower. When you put it on it covers all of your head. I used a hot glue gun to attach everything together.

When I made this and looked at it I thought Vintage! When a friend saw it he thought Old Hollywood! Its Ivory feathers with a light pink sequin detailing. It also covers most of your head when its on.

This is another BEAUTIFUL Rich in color, Burgundy feather piece I found. I paired it up with a black zipper flower and voila!

There were many feather pieces like this in the boxes. I took a bunch of them- they are SO pretty! I made this one with a black multi colored sequin detail.

and here is a Blue Feather piece with a FANTASTIC blue sequin detail.