Thursday, January 24, 2013

DIY Leopard Print Stud Earring Holder

Ok, So I was in need of an easy way to see and access my stud earrings. I looked online for ideas and looked around my house to see what I had on hand. I have a few wooden frame mirrors and tons and tons of paper. I merged the two and came up with this super cute stud earring holder. You can probably use this for any kind of earring, but dangle earrings tend to be heavier and might eventually rip the paper, if interested in doing so you may want to back the paper with something strong, like vinyl? or thin cork?

I used cardstock, its heavier and it shouldn't rip.
A close up of the studs. I though I had more, but my earrings seem to have disappeared.

Here is the back. I used mod podge to seal it in place. I was tempted to use a staple gun to secure the paper too, but lets see how the mod podge holds up. I pre-pierced the holes for the earrings with a paper piercer. (If you do so with the earring itself the paper tends to get creases.)


  1. sooooo creative

  2. cute and colorful! :) nice job
    I made my own diy earring holder too:

  3. The amazing thing is really here, hats off to the designer. It's perfect and make you look prettier though. You totally blown my mind away with this.