Friday, February 20, 2009

Anyone in NYC Scrapbook?!?!

I cant find a good scrapbooking store in NYC!!!!....I know there is a Michael's and an A.C. Moore in Queens NY but I live in Brooklyn and traveling out to that part in queens is a bit way too much of a commute for me, although I havent tried the Michael's in Woodside....I need to set a Sat aside to check out the commute and store and see if I'll make it my second home :-) But c'mon are there even any scrapbookers out there in NYC? I know folks are big on Scrapbooking in other states but geesh! there has got to be a group or something in the city! Heeelllloooo....can anybody hear me??? lol.....hit me up if you are from the city and scrapbook! I want to know where you buy your supplies AT A DECENT PRICE! not the lee's art shop prices!....hhmmmmm maybe I should open up the scrapbooking store of my dreams?.....

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