Sunday, May 03, 2009

Glitter Mothers Day Cards!

I made both these cards today for Mothers Day. (I am making more so stay tuned) I made a Tute for these cards. It is my first Tute, so please leave feedback and comments on how I can improve for future Tute's.

This is the Cardstock I used for the card itself. The card stock comes with a fold down the middle, so all I had to do was fold it along the crease and viola I had my "bones" for the card.

This is the paper pad I used to make my flowers. It is a pad filled with die-cut flowers. Choose 4 flowers of different sizes. The sizes should decrease in size if you choose your biggest one first, or increase in size if you choose the smallest one first.

These are the glitter glue sticks I used to decorate the flower pedals.

Use the glitter glue and squeeze it out gently along the edges of the petals. Mix and mach your colors. Try to keep a consistent theme.

Glitter on all the purple flowers.

Glitter on all the Pink Flowers.

Next we have to make the holes in the middle of the flowers so we could put the brad through it. This picture shows you two options for Hole Punchers. You can use the silver stick attached to the black point and use the hammer to make the hole. I have these single hole punchers/paper piercers that I like to use. They are both SUPER easy and equally as fun, so it is really up to you which to choose. Of course there is probably some other type of hole puncher/paper piercer out there that you could use as well.

Next I want to add a "saying" inside. I have this pack of "Card Sayings" Rub ons that I decided to use.

I cut it out from the pack and laid it exactly where I wanted it to go on the card. I then used my transfer on stick thingamajig to transfer on the saying. You could use the popsticle stick it comes with, I just happen to have bought on of these on day. When checking to. I wiggle the sheet to make sure the image has transferred and can see that all the design/words have stuck. I do not pick it up to check because I usually break the design when I lift it.

Line up your flowers where you want them first before you make your hole in the front of the card!

There is the "Happy Mother's Day" and the hole on the front of the card so I could attach the flower.

Attach your Brad and open the two ends at the back so the flower stays put, while attached to the card. I found it easier to stack the flowers, smallest to largest on the brad first then attach it to the card.

Purple Flower Close up with Brad.

You are left with an ugly brad piece at the back of the front of the card so I used some of these foam hearts to cover it up.

If you dont have these foam hearts, you can draw a heart onto cardstock (because it is thicker than regular paper) cut it out and attach it. Or get creative!

I did not have a purple heart to match the purple flower so I used a white one. It blended in too much to the white background so out came my glitter glues and I decorated the edges of the heart so it stood out from the white background.

Handmaking art is a dance with likes and dislikes. I originally made these flowers to go with the cards, but when I put them all together they just didnt fit. So i just tossed them tot he side and saved them for another project some other time!

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  1. Hey Selly, i love the cards. how much are they. oh by the way, this is alamir.