Sunday, May 03, 2009

102nd Blog Post!

I passed my 100th blog by 2! I guess I am celebrating my 102nd Blog Post...Hooray for me! So for my 102nd post I am going to share how much my iCraft stash has grown since I moved to Brooklyn about 1 year ago.

I decided to call my art room my iCraft Room. My paper collection has grown and so has the types of storage boxes I use. I also now have a CriCut Machine which I LooooVE!

I have soooo many magazines and I dont like to throw them out. Most of them are scrapbooking magazines and they have ideas that will last me forever. So i bought these magazine holders from Ikea. I lined them up at the top of my desk (also from Ikea) for easy access. I may need to buy a bookcase soon though. At the right there is some more paper! These are loose papers I keep in Cropper Hopper storage bins. Hope you like! As soon as I finish decorating my iCraft Room I will post up the pics here.

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  1. This is SERIOUS! You have like half of Michaels right there.