Wednesday, September 09, 2009

"Dino Raur" Double Boy Layout

I call this my Dino Roar Double Layout.

(Side Note) I found it a bit difficult to design layouts for boys...All my papers and embellishments tend to have some type of pink in them. I had to do alot of self editing to make sure the layouts dont come out feminine. (Which by the way all these layout I am posting now belong to a two scrapbooks I am making for a friend for his lil' boys)

So the lil' boy this layout is for is into Dinosaurs. So I bought a bunch of Dinosaur stickers to use as embellishments. I could not find patterned paper with Dinosaurs on them, so I had to get a lil' more creative with this one. The green section on the bottom is the grass, I used an elementary school technique to cut the grass, giving it dimension. This layout fits four 4 [by] 6 photos.

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