Monday, October 26, 2009

Pink N Teal Altered Mirror

I made this one for me. When I first started making these mirrors I was going to paint them abunch of different colors with Acrylic paint- but boy o boy was that not working out! lol (Im sure I needed some type of primer- and couldnt find my sanding paper to rough up the surface and hope the paint adhered better to it) I love pink so much and dont have the funds right now to buy pink spray paint- I just kept two with Acrylic paint and am bracing myself for it to scratch off (slightly) BTW I used "Varnish" spray after I paint these to keep the paint as much in tack as possible. (Michaels folks recommended it to me)

I cant wait to pull this out and use it! I wanted to use different shades of pink and added the aqua rhinestones for a cute effect. I think it just brings the whole design together. :-)

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