Thursday, December 03, 2009

Resin Tips anyone?

Ok so I've been playing around with Resin for the past few days and have definitely picked up a few pointers from my mistakes and stuff. I also have read alot about it in forums and have picked up great tips there. Im trying to generate some traffic into my blog and I think by sharing some Resin Tips, Ill reach my goal.

SO here are a few pointers-

Want to get glitter into your resin piece? Here's what you do. When you are mixing your resin (I use envirotex-lite, I read it has the least odor- and pretty popular with fellow resin users- its the only one I have used thus far so I cant compare it to other resin's) when you are mixing your chemicals together pour in the glitter you want to use. I suggest using a color that is visible and vibrant in the jar- Angel Dust did NOT work well for me. It didnt show up and showcased the air bubbles. If it is a color that shows up nice and bright in the jar-in my opinion- then it will show up nice and bright in your resin.

My favorite tip for Resin use, is on how to get the air bubbles out. The popular methods are to either blow over the resin piece with- usually- a straw, or to use a toothpick or tweezer to pop the lil' hard suckers. While these methods do work, I have found that using a heat gun works much better. I use my embossing gun- that I purchased for about $20 at Michaels. I move the gun over the resin piece- I make mirrors so I move it in a swiping motion over the resin I poured. All the bubbles pop immediately after swiping over it- its actually a pretty cool affect. There is some science behind why this happens something about the carbon dioxide- but lord help me if I understand all that lol.

So those are my two tips for now- lets see what kind of traffic this post brings. I'll write some more tips as I keep using the resin.

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