Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Up Close Look at Lady Gaga's Shoes at the 2010 Grammy's

I'm so in love with Lady Gaga's platform shoes she wore at the 2010 Grammy Awards. Of course for the life of me I would never be able to walk in them! I can barely walk in tall wedges! lol- sad I know- I make up for it with my personality :-)

I love all the sparkles! And after seeing this picture I totally understand how she was ABLE to walk in them- there is some type of support in there. Watching the TV from my couch, I thought she was relying solely on her tip toes. I know this is not any easier. Pic available via ::Click Here::

I threw this picture in here bc look! Its a whole one piece- If I would not have stumbled on this picture I would have never known. I guess they chose that particular color for her hair bc it symbolizes the sun?

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