Friday, January 25, 2013

Tutorial for No Sew Phone Case or Wallet

This tutorial is for the case pictured above. It's my first "graphic" tutorial and I hope it makes sense. I'll be creating another tutorial using the actual materials for a different style in the next few weeks. Any questions, let me know! (feel free to share pictures with me of your own cases if you decide to try this)

I suggest you read through the instructions before starting, to fully understand where things get glued, and how to measure. 

 For the step pictured above. Choose your own ribbon, or create a short rectangle from fabric.

(for the step above) the green (or Lime colored, depending on your computer) lines show where the glue should be.

In case you can't read the small text on the bottom. *Please note phone is sticking out slightly in this graphic. It is suppose to fit all the way inside the pouch without sticking out.* 


  1. What is the fabric that u have used??

  2. What is the fabric that u have used??

  3. This is fantastic! What sort of glue did you use that's strong enough to glue the faux leather?

  4. This also works if you have a TOMS flag laying around. Just cut the edges with the grommets off, glue, and it's a great tablet case!

  5. I mistakenly bought fox leather instead of faux, will it do?