Friday, November 12, 2010

Moment of Reflection.....

Even if I don't sell anything through Sellz Cute Things- I am proud that I am being PROactive in my life and atleast taking risks- I started my own business- on my own- everything is self taught- even through all the obstacles that have been and will continue to be thrown at me- I am that Latina that inspires and leads and breaks barriers for all future Spanish girls.....I am "At-Risk" to SUCCEED Biiiiiii!ches!
Sellz Cute Things came about through a difficult birth.  I am now at my 24yrs of living beginning to reflect on everything I am, was, will be and am expected to be and continue being. It's a story I hope to write about one day and use as an inspiration for future generations of women. Born Puerto Rican and living in NYC, its like I was stamped on my behind with the words "At-Risk". When I first heard this term I was disgusted- why are we automatically tagged disadvantaged? You know what I hear when I come across "At-Risk"...... AT RISK TO SUCCEED! (and this goes to ALL the male/female gay/straight, whatever country you're from youth population)  
And thats the reason why I work with afterschool programs working primarily with minority youth, and why I will become a teacher one day. I want to continue to make a difference in young peoples lives and will always be a leader.

Too many folks are just letting life pass them by, why? Be Pro-Active and take risks. You have nothing to lose, only knowledge and experience to gain....I PROMISE a hunger for success will come about.

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