Tuesday, September 21, 2010

ME Mini Scrapbook

I made this a few months ago. I found this AWESOME pink houndstooth/herringbone (like) print gift card holder at Michaels for like $1 or $2. I purchased it knowing I wanted to make something with it. Then after seeing mini scrapbooks at a local craft fair I knew what I wanted to do!

I used one (black and white) 9 x 12 patterned paper and one hot pink 9 x 12 sheet. I cut them both in half (long way) and then folded the accordion style. (about three or four times- enough to fit into the tin) I used a glue stick to adhere both papers together. This is a tricky part when making this album, getting them lined up together and then creasing the papers again so it lies semi flat.

After it dried, I added pictures and journaling to the mini scrapbook. I cut the corners of the scrapbook so it could fit better into the tin.

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