Monday, December 27, 2010

NYC Thunderstorm pics from my fire escape December 26th 2010

A view from my fire escape. December winter storm, blizzard, thunderstorm whatever you want to call it. Cars are out of commission all along fourth ave in the Park Slope/Gowanus Brooklyn area. Some folks appear to have left their cars. These pics were taken at 3:00am (EST)

Sorry for the blurryness but I didnt want to use my flash and kept as steady of a hand as I could.

Fire Dept out and about helping folks out. These 3 cars managed to move- only one got stuck at the next intersection.

(Pic above) looking West on Fourth Ave (after 6th Street) cars lined up as far as I can see. Some appear stalled. A few make it past the bus on the bottom of pic (which is also stuck)

The lil black car at the bottom of the pic above appears to have no one in it. Good Samaritans are out trying to help each other push their cars free.

Bus on bottom of pic (above) is stuck. (at 4am it is trying to break free) All those lights to the left of the pic are cars lined up all along 4th trying to make it to their destinations.

Livery cab (above pic) on top portion of pic seems alone and is against traffic.

 6 cars out of commission on one corner alone.

Please credit this blog if you will use these pics.

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