Friday, January 07, 2011

Finally! The post about my First experience selling at a Flea.


Happy New Year Everyone! Hope it's been a smooth first week for everyone. Here in Brooklyn, NY As you can tell from my pics in previous posts and this lil video I made, that we have been bombarded with snow and will get more this weekend! I am lucky enough to be off from college and (not so lucky) to not have a job so I wasn't as impacted as the rest of NYC.

In November and December of 2010 I was a vendor at a local flea market. I found out about the opportunity through a family friend. I had been thinking about becoming a vendor at a craft show and you remember I had applied to the Brooklyn Renegade Fair and then got rejected....Tear. So I jumped at the chance to finally try to make one of my desires come true. I was informed of it, I think that Wednesday or Thursday and got the yes like that Friday, so I literally had like one full day to get ready for something I had never done before (It took place on Sunday). Here are some pics of my setup- I got lucky when I found that CUTE Vintage Flower Tablecloth. (Picture descriptions are below the pictures)

The table is quite small, because I had to bring it myself. Total pain in the behind. (But since I signed up late, paid the day of and they had overbooked....I kinda was on my own.) I was still excited and eager to see how my first Flea would go. I tried to put all my handmade items on the right side (your left) of the table and all my retail items on the left side (your right side). Towards the beginning of the day I had all my retail jewelry in plastic but I felt it cheapened the look of my table so I later took them out. As you can see Sequinatti is there displaying some feather headbands.

This is the Handmade section on the table. For the future I am going to create a display for my mirrors using cylinder styrofoam covered in glitter. I also need to work on pumping out more jewelery! But I only had that one day to prep- and I was exhausted from midterms. Doesn't the table cloth look cute?!

Another close up. I brought markers and white cardstock with me to make the lil' signs you see there. One of them said "Great Stocking Stuffers" with a Christmas Tree drawn on it.
 That's me in the back, I think I was putting on my lipstick lol. Which BTW Is a major NO NO when customers are coming by your table BUT what you dont see in the pics (and what I haven't told you) is that I was forced to set up in the basement of the church. (Remember paying the day of, overbooking and last minute sign up thing) There was a slow stream of traffic coming through and I made some sales, not as much as I expected- Like having people fall over of amazement at my beautiful mirrors and simple, everyday "I didnt know I was living without this in my life" jewelry!- but was totally happy that folks did buy my mirrors. One lady bought some for her granddaughters, I just kept imagining the smile on the girls faces when they saw the mirrors, and love the thought of how delicate they will treat my mirrors and show it off to everyone! (hopefully, lol) Another lady bought the "Hello Spring" Mirror, my favorite piece. She was a lovely lady and I was happy the home that mirror went to!

So since it was only my first Flea, and I was condemned to the basement I eagerly signed up for the next grand Holiday 2-day extravaganza! I paid right then and there so I could get a great spot upstairs where all the traffic flows! 

Stay tuned for the Second experience of Sellz Cute Things at a flea tomorrow. 


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