Thursday, September 22, 2011

Nail Art Designs

For the past....I would say....two weeks I have been totally obsessed with painting nails. (artificial ones bc I have no one around to let me use their nails as I please) Below are some quick shots of some designs I have done- The tools I use vary- dotting tool, thin brushes, regular ole' nail polish, and the thin nail art polishes. Any questions feel free to ask! Interested in tutorials? Let me know and I could work on some...interested in me recreating a look, yup, let me know and I will be more than happy to try it out!

DIY (Do It Yourself) Nail Art Designs.

(From Left to Right) First is a Checker board inspired design. I did this one bc my sis sent me a similar pic and asked if I could recreate it. I might be doing her nails this weekend with this design- will upload pics of it on her if I do. Second is Leopard print- free hand made with a small dotting tool- Purple background with aqua/teal spots. I used Konad Silver glitter top coat to add some sparkle. Third is a glitter green and matte green zebra print with a gold diagonal line. Lastly in the above pic is a simple black nail with pink and gold diagonal lines. 

Leopard print galore! All drawn free hand with my dotting tool. Ice cream cone in the middle. Just for fun. 

Bows and Bows.....I really like making these- what do you think of them? and my continued attempt at the vintagy-victorian floral look.....I haven't mastered it yet but they do look good so far! lol

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