Sunday, January 27, 2013

Buddha makes an appearance

I made a few Ombre bracelets and was really happy with the outcome.

(above) Ombre without the Buddha bead.

(above) Ombre around the wrist.

(above) Ivory Pearls with small gold seed beads.

(above) White Pearls in Varying sizes with gold seed beads.

(above) Aqua and Gold and Aqua with iridescent white pearl seed beads. 

When I saw these in the bead shop I fell in love with the color. I had never seen another bead with this color. I have not been able to find a matching seed beads to add between each bead so, these beads just adorn my wrist as is. 


  1. nice bracelet

  2. All the bracelets are superb, beautiful color combinations and designs. I like first one the most, it is really cute.