Friday, January 01, 2010

Decoupaged Light Switch !!

I decoupaged 2 of my light switches today- and I havent stopped staring at how AMAZING they came out. I got the idea at (I Reeeeeally Love that Blog!!!) My first attempt wasn't perfection (but what art is?)...At first I was a little discouraged- until I looked across my desktop and saw my Rhinestones!!!! Diiing- IDEA!

(I borrowed a camera so my pics are better quality today.) This is my Rhinestone Blue Leopard Print Light Switch. I was SO excited about it and couldn't wait to share- I didn't even wait for it to dry! (You can see the wet glue in between the Rhinestones- in the middle.

See the air bubbles? Oh Well- Art Isn't perfect- and I still ADORE it- makes me feel like a true Diva to have this light switch in my bedroom. I wish I had two light switches in there to deck a whole one out in Rhinestones (might save that for my living room...hhmmm) I also used some Glitter Mod Podge on it- couldn't go without my Glitter!

This one is in my Art Room/Studio. I need to use up every space in my (tiny Brooklyn) apartment- which is why you see my shades on the wall here. Cute Storage idea though, right? Its a wire thingamajig from Ikea. It's in the frame aisle if you go looking for one. (Half the stash of my bags/purses are under the shades there- just pain ole storage bins until I can find something better)

My Art Room/Studio is also where I store my scarves (even tho this isn't even half of them!) I used a Hot Pink Houndstooth Scrap paper for this light switch. I smile every time I walk by it.


  1. I LOVE the bling you are adding to everything. Has Amy from Mod Podge Rocks seen your light switches? What a great way to add jewelry to a wall!
    I especially love your creative way of storing your sun glasses!

  2. Thanks Stephanie! I am trying to get on Amy's radar. Hopefully you see my light switches featured there one day soon! :-)