Friday, January 01, 2010

Pink Rhinestone Light Switch

I told you I would make one! It came out FAB!!! I ended up having to take four rhinestones out from the top and bottom to make room for the screws. In order to keep it pretty I added some Glitter- If I had small Rhinestones I would have used those. I did not paint the inside piece (where there usually is an on and off switch- I have a motion detector in my living room b/c it gets pretty dark when I arrive alone at home- yeh Im a lil Scaredy Kat at times) So I left that piece without painting or anything because I did not want to remove it or ruin it- Maybe on day I'll get the courage to paint it silver or something. Speaking of Silver isn't my silver wall the cutest! When I finish the living room decor I'll take some neat pics of it and post them up. All done with Mod Podge, paper and sprinkles of creativity- and glitter-

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