Wednesday, March 03, 2010

I got MINX

So I have been wanting to do Minx on my nails for a REALLY LONG TIME! But there arent many places in NYC that do them- Bliss does them- but the $50 price tag prevented me from committing. So I stumbled on a Spa in the Village that does Minx for $40 and they had a sale, $70 for both mani and pedi. I think its worth it- if you find a design you LOVE they are suppose to stay on my hands for 10 days and my feet for 1 month- lets see!! The only thing they kept repeating was NO OIL or LOTION on your hands- or it will come off- the lotion part is going to be hard- but lets see how it goes.

Here is my scoop on the whole procedure.

The manicurist has only a selected few sheets of the MANY possibilities. I REALLY wanted the silver Leopard Print design but unfortunately they did not have it. So I settled for the black and silver striped design, which turned out really good. She suggested I get a different design on my ring finger, so I chose a circular pattern, also black and silver. I HIGLY recommend you chose a sheet with a full set- it makes things easier- but the spa I went to saves their used sheets- I dont think there is anything wrong with that- it just seemed to make the process harder bc she had to find the right size for my finger- BUT REMEMBER this was my FIRST time, so I in no way am claiming to be an expert- anyways...

they fit the sticker onto your nails and trim any excess, file away a bit and then they place your hands and feet under a UV Lamp- That light gets HOT!!! It was much worse on my feet- so hot that I dont think I would get a minx pedicure ever again. You can feel the light melting the glue onto your nails- its burning sensation- but its tolerable- believe me if I tolerated it- anyone could. While you are under the UV Lamp the manicurist is pressing the sticker (design) onto your nail to smooth it out and make sure it completely adheres. I have two nails with slight "wrinkles" but nothing that bothers me- and I just tell people to admire them from a few feet away lol (so they dont see the imperfections.)


  1. OH MY GOODNESS! How awesome is this? I love it. And the nails are fab too! Found your blog from Modge Podge Rocks! Following your fabulousness now!

  2. Hi Pink Haired Momma! Thanks for following me- Aren't my nails great?! and cant wait to get the leopard print next time, I'll be sure to share. :-)