Sunday, March 07, 2010

Sequin Roses...

Ok so I own like 12 of these Roses, various colors and dont know what to do with them. I made a headband with one, but people didnt seem too interested in it. Waiting for that Creative Spark to hit the right thought.....


  1. those are nice! You could decorate a frame like your mirrors that you've done recently with all the jewels, sequins and glittery stuff (something that ties those things that are on the boarders of the rose petals, sorry, I'm at a loss for words right now), and then put one, or three depending on the size, in the bottom corner, or somewhere. They would be cute for a girls room, or depending on the color they could look really ritzy or elegent! :)
    Or you could make some wall art/paint a canvas and stick them on to add some dimension, like a rose garden or something. :) Anyway, maybe those ideas will help you come up with something. They might work on a bag or a clutch too. Good luck! Did you make them? I think they're great!

  2. I totally dig the idea about putting them on an art canvas...I actually have some extra canvases lying around...Im going to work on it this weekend! Thanks for the ideas!!