Sunday, March 07, 2010

:: Pea-Nut ::

I noticed I've never showcased my dogs on my blog! So here is my first "Show Off" Blog....Meet Pea-Nut. My rescue chihuahua. I got him from my sister. She had a friend who owned him, but didnt take very good care of him, he would spend the majority of the day (if not all of it) in his crate. This dog taught me the power of forgiveness and love. When I first got him he was a bundle of anger....but with a little bit of patience, love, training and tons of treats he has turned into the most loveable dog!!!

^^^ This is his little igloo he sleeps in.

^^^ This is him playing with Max-Zee ALWAYS biting his neck.

^^^ Pea-Nut is always jumping on my back when I'm lying (stomach side) down. I like to think of this pic as sort of my self portrait.

^^^ Always curious about what Im doing. He came to sniff the see if it was hiding food.

^^^ My cutie sleeping on my bed. They always take over the WHOLE bed.