Sunday, April 25, 2010

CalGel Nails!

Ok, as we all know by now I consider my phalanges an important accessory. I've tried Minx, Hearts and toyed with a few other ideas...

I've always wanted to get some Japanese art on my nails. when my friend hit me up about a Japanese spot she wanted to check out for a mani I jumped on the chance! We checked out Sakura in NYC. I thought I was going to get something loud and artsy but then I realized they had a "Glitter Graduation" CMON! I had to try it. The good thing about the Cal Gel is that it isn't suppose to chip/peel for 3-4 weeks, with minimal at home care. Sakura gives you free touch-ups if the nails begin to peel within your first week after getting them done.

Shameless plug for the rings I sell and showcasing the Glitter Graduation nails <3

Its been about three and a half weeks since I got mine done and my thumb is the worst casualty. The Cal Gel chipped on top and there's a huge chunk of glitter missing. Over the past weeks the calgel closest to my cuticle have peeled. I found that with a little bit of nail filing (I have an electric manicure nail set I use, that I purchased from Target for like $10) your nails can be good as new. just file where your nail has peeled/chipped until there isn't a (chipped) line. Then you can buff your nail (for shine) or just wipe your nail with NON ACETONE nail polish remover and cover with a high gloss top coat.

I even had three rhinestones added to my nail and they are STILL on...even after hardcore cleaning and everyday activities.

Here are some tips in case your manicurist didn't tell you....

*You cant use dishwashing liquid on your nails while doing dishes or whatever you do with dishwashing wear gloves.
*You should ONLY use NON Acetone nail polish remover when cleaning your nails. (Which should be cleaned atleast once a week) The Cal Gel is like rubber and will collect dust.
*After you rub your nails with NON acetone nail polish remover you want to apply a topcoat of high gloss (or the calgel clear gloss they might sell at the nail salon for like $8) It keeps them looking like you just walked out of the nail salon.

My only negative feedback about Cal Gel nails is that I like to switch things up so frequently on myself that going so long with the same nail color/design got a little boring for me.

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