Friday, April 30, 2010

Mirrors and Glitter and Glue OH. My.

Im back. Had a much needed day off (I've been feeling really ill lately) and my relaxation is to make things! They FINALLY got in the mirrors at the store I shop in and I wiped them out. (They only come like once or twice a year!) I was finally able to put my new glitter to good use also and am SO thrilled with the new colors! My personal favorite is this bright TEAL! Its awesome. You can tell I love it because Pea-Nut has it all over his body! (See pic below) LOL!!

I could only really provide you with a sneak peak of whats to here is the semi un-focused pic for you to enjoy as eye candy! <3 

Here is my baby Pea-Nut....

The arrows indicate where some of the glitter is.....its more visible in person (obviously) :-)

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