Monday, May 03, 2010

My Dream House....

 I Love the teal Chest/Vanity thing. Gotta have THAT chair! and the mirror is AWESOME!
 What a GRAND living room this is!!! I would just change the blue wall on the right and the floor. I also would paint all the brown furniture (towards the right int he back) white or hot pink or teal.
 I want it ALL in this bathroom! I actually have an antique tub like this one right now.

I found all of these pictures at  O MUNDO DE DÁLIA via Hidden in France 


  1. Having all of those bright colors would be awesome! Good picks! :)

  2. wouldn't it?! I drool everytime I see them lol.

  3. i love this house!! its very vintage and colorful..two things that i love! -Emi