Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hello Kitty Acrylic Painting on Canvas

I LOVE just going through Etsy and seeing the magic other people make. I stumbled upon this gem one day and thought O BOY! I could TOTALLY make one.....and could add GLITTER to it! I used regular cheap acrylic paint (you know the small bottles that go on sale at Michaels/Ac Moore for like .50Cents sometimes?) Modpodge and glitter to make this....I'll put basic steps below.

PERFECT DIY Do it yourself Project for wall decor to spruce up any room or gift for someone who likes Hello Kitty.

Step one...Lightly pencil in a rough drawing of Hello Kitty and how you want her to look. Make sure you have a clean eraser on hand in case you need to adjust some things.

Step Two...Paint her in with black- outline her nose and bow in black. (You could also substitute her signature bow with a flower or any other shape you want) Let it dry.

Step Three....Paint in her nose a golden yellow. Paint in her bow as well. I used Modpodge, applied it with a brush to the inside of the bow and then sprinkled glitter all over the bow. Allow to dry 24 hours.

Last....seal with a coat of "Glossy" Modpoge, so it will have a nice shiny finish.

I am going to make some more when I get my hands on some more canvases! Share your pics with me if you make some.

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