Friday, June 03, 2011

My New Addiction

Scrapbook *open stock* paper at Michaels serves as my background for these pics.
Close up of what I believe parts of my brain must look like, Bright Sparkly, and attention grabbing lol! 
I am in LOVE with these beads....any color I see them in, I snatch up a set. Unfortunately I don't see them as often as I would like! I don't even know what they are officially called, "crystal beads"? "crystal rhinestone beads"? "rhinestone beads"? "these were SO made for Sellz beads"? If anyone out there in internet land knows what these are called, or where I can buy them in bulk at a great price PLEASE pass the info along to me! I haven't seen them in Blue and would love some in that color. Stay to tuned to the next few weeks when I showcase the jewelry with them, or just head on over to my Etsy Page to see the magic!

P.S. If you live in New York City (or the surrounding area) and need some CUTE adorable, cheap plastic containers you must check out Amazing Savings!! They usually always have dirt cheap containers. I found this heart there for less than one dollar.....did you hear me? LESS THAN ONE DOLLAR! It's acrylic and has a lid AND they came in various sizes.  I have also found small tin know like the Altoid Mint tins...for 19 CENTS!

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