Monday, December 22, 2008

Altered Composition Marble Notebook

Here are is a marble notebook I altered. I figure it's a cute gift for a writer, reader, co-worker, or close friend. I am making some more, so stay tuned to some more designs and styles in the next day or two. I the back of the front cover a blank blue page, if I were customizing this for someone I would have added a calendar, someone's name, or something. The back of the back cover I put for important contact info....I have a notebook I use at work that stores all of my important info and notes, I use a notebook in place of sticky notes.....In my notebook I find the back cover the best place for me to put all my important numbers, so that's why I put the last page on this book for contact numbers. I also attached a binder clip on the side of the notebook to serve two purposes, hold a pen and keep book together and hold all papers in the notebook. I added some of the paper I used on the marble notebook and "Zots" glued it to the clip ends making it a matching set!

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