Sunday, December 21, 2008

Check these out!

For my first post I want to share some amazing handmade fashion pieces I stumbled upon a few weeks ago. I went to BUST's Holiday Craft Fair a last week and saw a table with some amazing bags (Well there were many tables with amazing bags....but this one stood out to me most). (I am a bag FANATIC, I own like 50 handbags and another 75 wallets...and the collection is GROWING!!) The bag I fell inlove with had this awesome urban type print the young lady said she makes the print herself and even prints it on to the fabric herself! this one in particular caught my eye....Im saving up to order me one! (I usually dont buy leather products....but this bag is to sweet to not enjoy) They have some other cute stuff like this CUTE sweatshirt and this one too Love! the kisses. Suckas!

I love all things houndstooth and LOVE this coat!!!! Very Chic Very Urban I found this coat on Etsy The designer is yellow cake YUM, she has some other cool stuff like this White Coat and this cute red dress perfect for a New Years Partii (If you dont have enough time to get it for this year, there is always next year!!)

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  1. thanks so much for the kind words and comments Selii! I love your blog and i would love to make a coat just for you when you reach your health goal and want to reward yourself with some Yellowcake(the kind without calories of course!)