Sunday, December 21, 2008

iPod Cases....*iCasez*

So here are two ipod cases *iCasez* I made...They are my first two...I think they came out ok....I used some extra felt I had lying around and prettied it up by adding some squiggly green ribbon and a big neon green button I am not the best "sewer" YET or else I would have sewn the edges together, so I just hot glue gunned the bottom and left edge. For the small black one I followed the same steps except I didnt add a flap for closure, and I hot glue gunned some ribbon I had from Target that I've been dying to use! I found it at the DOLLA spot at you ever shop there? They have some GREAT scrapbooking stuff sometimes and for only $1!!!! I've found FAB paper, great ribbons, cute stickers, some nice embellishments, and they also have great lil' gift stuffing items...I'll show you what I mean when I finish packing one of my Christmas gifts....Stay Tuned!

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