Thursday, September 09, 2010

YAY! One of SCT FAV Designers is on Project Runway Season 8!

About time I blogged about this! I was soooooo excited when I realized that YELLOW CAKE Designer, Valerie was on the show!! Oh- Em- Gee!! Remember I blogged about her for my FIRST post ever back in '08. I so know she is going to make it to the top three- bc her blog was at a stand still for a long time- AND she is such a fab designer of COURSE she is going to make it to the top three! (My fav Valerie-ism so far- when she told us about Casanova's Major Major Majooor Diva moment lol!!! Oh and girl dont forget to put your panties back on!) You know who else I am excited about making it to the top three? Mondo!!! I LOVE his designs (on the show and prior too) and absolutely love his personality. Well the PR Fashion show was today- Im gonna go find out whether or not the finalist from this season showed today......


I LOVE this collection- who is that back there (in the first pic)??? Got these pics here and here

8:49pm UPDATE: This is Mondo's collection bravo- I LOOOOVE IT ALL!

Found here

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