Saturday, June 04, 2011

Just Pics!.....and some words....

More Yummy images of all the bracelets I've been making this morning. They are so darn addicting! The color combinations are endless.

All Three I made today.

The above picture: Black chain with My "Girly Tom Boy" Colors. (yes, in my world this is as "boyish" as I get with my own accessories) Bright Purple, Aqua Blue and Lime Green all come together.

This is my absolute FAVORITE one! I love the turquoise, hot pink, purple and gold together. I think I'll wear this straight through the summer, and beyond.

Can't forget to add pink to the collection! I mixed four different shades of pink embroidery thread / crafting cord and attached it to a gold aluminum chain.


  1. WAOUW!!!! Pleaaaaaaase, let me know where I can buy this sort of chain on internet! I live in Switzerland and I can't find any big chain at all :-( Thanks A LOT!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi Delphine! You can find chains here or you can buy a completed bracelet here all you would need to do is follow the tutorial on how to braid the thread. Share pics with me if you make them, I would love to see. :-)

  3. Thanks A LOT!!!! I'll try to do them as soon as possible! I think you probably know the tutorials from Honestly wtf blog ;-) I'll follow them! My next target is also to reproduce the pom pom bracelet from Honorine jewels, I LOVE them!
    I will follow your wonderful blog too and I really appreciate your answer ( a lot of people don't answer and it's very disappointing!), thanks again and I hope you'll understand my bad english!!

  4. Yes, I know of Honestly WTF's blog. Thats exactly where I found the tut to do these :-) Thanks for following my blog! I love making new blog friends. Share any pics with me of what you make, I'd love to see. Your english is fabulous! I wasn't even aware it wasn't your first language. lol


  5. Hey Hun!!!


  6. Hi I love your gift I hope u havnt gvn up on it.....its much?