Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Do It Yourself Double Chain Woven Bracelet

Ok, so I created a mini tutorial on how to make a double chain woven bracelet. It's not hard and a great DIY project! It's really inexpensive too, so its the perfect jewelry for someone on a budget with some crafting know how. Stay tuned in the next few days for the completed project blog post!

You need the items in the pic above. Small needle, embroidery thread (or crafting cord, same thing) Two chains (whatever color(s) you choose) and a bobby pin (a safety pin will work fine also). You also need the following items (although not pictured) scissors, closure clasp (for your chain).

Use your bobby pin to hold the last two chain links together. This will make it easier to thread. Start with the second links and begin threading through the chain links. The needle above shows the position for this step. For this particular style make sure you thread through the links that are lined up with each other.

Continue the process until you reach the end. I like to thread it three times through each link. On the third time I cross over the thread into the next link on the bottom "back side" of the chain. I don't sew, but I guess it's the same as a basic stitch when hand sewing something?

Finishing it off. When you reach the end pass the remaining thread, still on the needle, through the back of the bracelet into the last three links. Fasten off. Attach your closure clasps and there you go. You have a cute double chain bracelet.

I know this tutorial would be better if I included more pics, but I wasnt able to. So if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment or email me Sellz[at]SellzCuteThings[dot]com I'll probably add more pictures in the future when I start the next project.

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