Thursday, January 13, 2011

Creative Display Ideas I encountered at the Flea.

Ok Ready for me to "Toot"

I am tooting my own horn with this simple, easy, inexpensive quick way to display your jewelry.

I used cardstock, some tape and a marker to make these (oh! and the scissor) Fold the paper in half. Then fold the two outer folds to the center scored line. Join the two smaller folds you just made together to form a triangle, tape together and you have the basic shape for your display. Depending on the size of the necklace use your scissors to make two slits on top so the chain (or earrings) can hang form them. (uummm...yes I know sounds confusing, if you want a tutorial email me or comment me and I promise I will make one!)

I used my markers to make these- My printer has no ink. But to make them cleaner looking use your computer to make great designs. 
This vendor used a bird cage to display the earrings he had for sale! How great and creative is that? My phone's storage was full and the quality isnt the best in this picture, but trust me it looked GREAT and really stood out.

This gentleman, Nunzi, used an old silverware case to display his vintage jewelry! How great is this! The top of the case has small loops that are perfect to hang earrings in or if you make pencils or pens, or some other skinny stick thing you could just place them right in there.The dividers in the bottom half of the case is perfect for bracelets, rings, or necklaces! You would even display your bracelets on the upper half, rings nicely snug in the middle and the necklaces on the bottom half! And it is all lined with soft material so it won't scratch your stuff! I totally loved this idea.

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