Saturday, January 08, 2011

Second and (probably) Last experience selling at this particular Flea.

Part Duex - Dos - Two - of my Flea Experience.

Summed up- this particular scene is not for me. The simple truth to the matter is that MOST (not all- MOST) of the customers are there for a FLEA MARKET they aren't ready for authentic handmade goodies and sure as heck arent ready to appreciate, value or understand the effort put into hand crafted goods and why they cost what they do. They want $1-$4 items and will try to haggle the price like crazy! Partially my fault- I mean when I hear Flea Market I think- YES! Cheap Vintage Broken Used Things!! I love going to the Flea with my dad on Sundays in Queens, its the perfect place to find great cheap finds! But I gave it a go anyways, hoped for the best and in the end I don't regret a thing! I will also frequent this flea market in the future hunting for more good buys!

My Display for my second time selling at this Flea.

I did not make enough money to cover the expenses of paying for my table, travel expenses or food for the full two day event. I did however get TONS Of advice from fellow friendly vendors! Which was super awesome and totally made the experience worth while! I also got a bit more creative at this Flea, with my jewelry displays, items I sold and how I packed/traveled with things. (Another thing I also did differently- spend money shopping from other vendors! YIKES! But I found tons of AMAZING antique jewelry pieces I just could not pass up!- one butterfly Brooch was turned into the most beautiful necklace- I'll post pics in the next few days)

In the picture above you can see the adjustments I made to what I sold. I put all my retail earrings on a piece of white card stock that my sister I cut into rectangles the night before. It took a little while but they looked really great! It was super inexpensive also. (If I had ink in my printer I would have printed the words Sellz Cute Things on them to make them even better looking!) I also brought one of my handmade wooden boxes and displayed the earrings in that, its a great way to show off the box I made and the earrings that are for sale. I'll make a post in the near future about that box so you see it better. As you can see I also went out and purchased two small ring displays. I am not the biggest fan of the gray material (and am thinking of remaking it) but I made it work. Remember those "Goody Bags" you got at Claires and the Hello Kitty store? I made some Sellz Cute Things ones to sell- hehe- people commented and two girls squealed when they saw it and HAD to buy ones because they remember getting them at those stores when younger. That Gold Glitter shoe is also there because I had extra heels I knew I would never wear so I tried selling them- They sold. (See old used up cheap finds!)

Now to keep searching in my quest for the perfect venue to sell stuff.

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