Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cute Little Crochet Mini Purse. or Bag. whichever you prefer.

Many moons ago my aunt taught me to crochet- She does the very fine work- you know the beautiful artwork that turns into tablecloths and doillies? Yeah. She taught me while on a trip here to NY from PR and after she left I just kinda stopped. Years later, while working at a Camp- I picked it up again and was taught by an awesome 11yr old. (She is quite the lil' crafter and is the kind of young girl that Sellz Cute Things hopes to open a summer camp or afterschool program for!...but that's another topic, another blog post)

Close Up of Heart on Mini Purse (see below for link to tutorial)

So I became addicted to the world of crocheting. (I tried the whole knitting thing and for the life of me I can't do it- the lil' 11yr old did not know how to knit either- that's something I need to find a class for) I bought books, tons of yarn, tons of hooks, canvased the web, and even taught my mom and my lil' sis. There were two projects I wanted to conquer in the work of crochet.  Slippers! and little coin purses! I've attempted many slippers, usually only able to make one funny looking one- so thats a work in progress. But I am better at making little coin purses/wallets/bags...I'm not quite sure what the proper name for these lil' gems are.

Here is the second finished one I made! (Here is the First) This one is tiny. Finished it is about 3 inches or so tall. I wanted something small that would fit a few dollars, an ID and possibly a metro card. (and maybe some lip gloss or a lipstick)

The idea and general tutorial for this bag came from the AMAZING Klutz book Crochet (I found mine at my local Michaels store....Barnes and noble carries it also but I couldn't find it in the 4 different Barnes and Nobles I went to- its in their children's section if you go) This is the jewelry roll project, but I made some modifications to mine. (It's like the Envelope Clutch project combined with the Jewelry Roll)

The tutorial for the crocheted heart is from Little Birdie Secrets SUPER easy to follow tutorial, there is even a video! I added a silver outline to my heart, just to make it match my design.  (Descriptions from this point on are below the picture)

Here is the mini purse with the bow untied.
Here is it open. I added some cotton to the inside to help it be a better model for the pics. lol You see the pink yarn on the top right of the flap? Thats how I attached the heart. I just used the left over yarn (after tying off) and made a knot in the back, real simple. Cut the loose ends to give it a clean look.
The string I use to open and close the purse is threaded through three rows of my sc. (Came from the Jewelry Roll Project- shows you how in the book.)

This is the close up of the yarn I used. Its a beautiful sparkly silver. It's Lion Brands, Vanna's Choice Glamour in Platinum. You can order it online through the link, but I found it at my local Michaels!

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