Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The First Six Granny Squares for my Blanket.

This one is six rounds of pink and one each green and blue. 
I am in the process of making like 60 of these granny squares to make one huge blanket. I've given myself a one year timeline. Between school, work-study, and a job, I hope to make this by next winter. I'll post up new designs every month and keep you all updated on the progress. I think I will use white to attach them all together. All granny squares are 8 (eight) rounds each.

This design is one round for each color. I kept the colors in order; Blue; Green; Pink.

This design is one pink, then green, four blue, one pink and the last one green

This one is similar to the design above. One green, five pink, one green and the last one blue. I usually cut of the strings at the end of completing my projects, which is why you see them there. 

Two green, two blue, two pink, one green, one blue.

Four pink, three blue, one green.

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