Sunday, January 04, 2009

Felt iTouch/iPhone Case with Pink Flower

I LOVE the way it looks like real stitchin'
I took a silver sharpie and added some swirls for design on the was looking way to plain.
I liked the angle in this pic
Pic showing off the iTouch in the Case
Showing you the Velcro
Pic without Flash to show you the closes to the truest color of the case....I also like the angle of this pic.

I whipped this iTouch case for my sister in about 45 minutes....maybe even only half an hour. I used white felt (If you could get your hands on some fleece material I suggest you use that, it's softer for the screen) I couldnt find my thread (and am not so confident in my sewing skills not even for such a basic stitch) so I used a pink Sharpie to mimic a stitch around the edges, I think it gave it a cool effect. I used my hot glue gun to seal the side edges and velcro to keep the strap in place.


You can make this case for anything really...your phone, another iPod, Mp3/4 Player, a mini wallet, camera, let your creative juices flow! Add different decorations use some fabric paint, markers, more felt, REAL thread and needle, the ideas and possibilities are endless.

You can use this as a gift, or even as a special treat for yourself.

I am making more, and promise to document the whole process and include a how to on this blog!

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