Sunday, January 04, 2009

It's hard for me to make a gift for a boy!!!!

I have a student who adores himself and a mirror I made for myself that hangs near my desk. So i told him I would make one for him for his Bdaii and here it is. I always make things for girls....its a challenge for me to make things for boi's....I am use to glitter, and flowers and bling....But I made it work. that's his nickname on the mirror and I am so serious when I say he loves to look at I had him send me some of his favorite pics so I could use them as border around the frame. there weren't any "A's" left at the store so I had to improvise with some "V's" I just took a piece of black Pleather ribbon and made the small stick to turn the V into an A. I spray painted the Letters with gold glitter....guys like bling right? lol There is a mirror that goes in the middle of this frame....I'll attach it when I pack it up to give it to him.

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